Talk of the Town

Leopold has been busy in the kitchen and when he presents dinner, Lightcap happily produces the borscht, "to cement the bonds that bind our happy little family together."  Dilg is delighted, but their camaraderie is abruptly broken off when the Professor looks at the newspaper the soup jar was wrapped in - Leopold Dilg is still front page news...and so is his photograph. Shocked and greatly disappointed, Lightcap attempts to phone the police. To stop him, Dilg is forced to hit his friend, knocking him out.

The police arrive, tipped off by the deli owner. Dilg barely manages to escape out a window while a distraught Nora is administering to the unconscious Professor. At this juncture, Lightcap's valet Tilney (Rex Ingram) arrives. Tilney is understandably upset to find his boss on the floor and the place swarming with police officers.

Revived, Lightcap tells Nora, "You're a silly, dangerous girl. You had me feed and lodge a notorious fugitive from justice. You endangered a lifetime's career for a stupid gesture. Our association is at an end, Nora."
Incensed, Nora says Dilg is innocent, and she would never turn him over to the bloodthirsty citizens of Locester. "You were right to grow a beard," she tells Lightcap. "You're an old man, all your life - you put on the proper costume just as soon as you were able. Don't ever shave it off, Mr. Twilight. Someone might think you were alive!"



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