Talk of the Town

Leopold Dilg has eluded the police once again and disappeared. First Nora and then Lightcap are questioned by the District Attorney. The Professor, still smarting from Nora's diatribe, finds himself professing a love for borscht with an egg in it, telling the DA that he bought the soup at the deli for himself with no knowledge of Dilg's presence in his house.

Next, Lightcap springs into action. He shaves off his beard and hunts down Regina Bush, the only lead to the missing foreman Clyde Bracken. "Say, you're real cute," Regina tells Lightcap when he asks her out.


Comically uncomfortable but very determined, the Professor finds himself at a noisy nightclub with an increasingly tipsy Regina Bush.



"You dance divinely, Miss Bush," he tells her. "Your physical coordinations are...are remarkable."

"I thought I'd heard 'em all but your line's brand new," the dazzled Regina replies.




dazed and surrounded by jitterbugs


Lightcap manages to persuade Regina to show him a letter she received only the day before, from none other than the supposedly murdered Clyde Bracken. The envelope has a return address of General Delivery, Boston.


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