Modern Screen  July 1941
excerpt  from article

" "He ought to be here in approximately a minute," the studio representative said with authority, glancing at his wrist. "Ronald Colman is always on time. You can set your watch by him."

We fingered our notebook nervously, looked to our three pencils. Over in the northwest corner of the 'My Life with Caroline' set, Charles Winninger was cutting up, totally unmindful of the fact that the man Hollywood knows as 'the male Garbo' was about to give one of his rare interviews.

At exactly two o'clock a gentleman in brown tweed coat, gray trousers and an Ascot tie came into view. The studio man got up. It was Mr. Colman all right.

The interviewer's young sister had made him promise to bring back a picture of the man in close-up. "If I'm going to have a Prince Charming, I want to know what he's really like," she proclaimed in the manner of an ultimatum. Which explains how come the reporter was eyeing the gentleman those first few moments as if he were inspecting a ten-dollar bill during a counterfeit-money epidemic.

Well, Mary, Mr. Colman looks just the same as he has for the last twenty years, ever since he became the nation's Feminine Sleep Disturber Number One in 'The White Sister.'

His eyes are big, brown and luminous. They seem to have the same faraway glance as that of a man peering into Never Never Land. They look this way even when he smiles one of his two smiles; the half-sad, half-amused one and the half-arch, half-cynical model. He speaks in a low, crisp voice that stays on an even keel. Forty words or so is his absolute tops for continuous speech. Then you have to prod him again. He hates dull people and is so afraid of being a bore that he's economical in his speech.

His face is brown, and his general appearance lithe and rugged. He has a good head of hair. His moustache is carefully clipped. His teeth are a dental ode to beauty.

After settling down, Mr. Colman lit a cigarette. "I notice you're wearing your 'how-to-meet-a-legend' look," he smiled. "And I'm just in the mood to explode a legend, especially if I'm the subject of it.

"Wherever did they get this silly tag-line about 'the man in the iron mask'?" he asked, casting an accusing glance at the reporter. "My life is an open book - a very dull one, I might add."
(end of excerpt)



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