Modern Screen  August 1942

" 'I saw Mr. Colman and the play at a disadvantage. The curtain was up.' So wrote the reviewer of Ronnie's first stage play. And he's hung on to it ever since, to keep him humble! Thinks the public would be bored with more than one pic of him a year. But after Col.'s 'The Talk of the Town' watch 'em clamor for 12 per annum. So terrified of being dull, he economically keeps his speeches clipped down to a 40-second limit. Loves to dance but claims the rumba and tango are altogether too much for his coordination. Lives in a modest 8 or 9 room house. Lounges around in old jackets and slacks, gobbles Italian and French food to his heart's content, but hasn't gained an ounce in the past 20 years!"



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