Ronald Colman was the personification of the gentleman hero, a type that was perhaps already 'Olde World' when Colman reigned as a star over fifty years ago. His idealism, integrity, and graciousness belong to a time that has since disappeared altogether.  There is an ethereal quality about Colman that harks back to that gentler, simpler world, one we can now only visit through his films.

For such a gentle man, he had a core of strength, an adherence to his own code of honor like steel - incorruptable and immoveable. He could swashbuckle with the best of 'em, his comedic timing was priceless, and as a romantic star he was unsurpassed. He was saved from being too staid by a delicious wit, a twinkle in his eye that showed us he could laugh at himself and at others if need be.  
And always he gave us that wistfulness - it was in his eyes, in his mannerisms, and especially in that voice. That modulated, liquid voice. His way of speaking, with the hesitations, the pauses between words, somehow conveyed his vulnerability as well as his sophistication - a tantalizing combination that has not lost its power to enthrall.

So, do yourself a favor and lose yourself in these pages for awhile. Experience the polish, the charm,
the beneficient presence that was Ronald Colman.