Gary Cooper - Hollywood's Newest Rave
from Screenland magazine, November 1932

And now let's take time out for a brief description of Gary, the cause of it all. He's six feet three inches tall, and weighs 175 pounds. He has light blue eyes, and the longest lashes, next to Garbo's, (he'll hate us for this!) in pictures. His hair is brown. He has that appealing helpless look that ladies find so enchanting in any young man over six feet tall.

When Gary gives a party it is Mary Pickford who helps him plan the menus and entertainment. She is sort of big sister to the lanky boy from Montana. She enjoys his company, likes his unspoiled naturalness, and besides that, Mary is a pal of the Countess di Frasso.

<<< Cooper and Mary Pickford, whom he escorted to a recent Hollywood premiere.
Gary may play opposite Mary in her new picture.

Countess di Frasso, friend of Gary and Mary Pickford, and Cooper, snapped by that awfully candid cameraman at the races.

Recently Gary gave a party in honor of Her Royal Highness, the Princess of Kapurthala, India. Gary, Douglas Fairbanks, and Charlie Chaplin were the chefs. Sixty of the most famous persons in Hollywood were present. And Mary Pickford acted as head waitress!

Of course it's all very exciting that Gary is a social light and the girls' delight; that a glamorous screen star is reported to be directing that glamor at Cooper; that whenever he visits New York he is surrounded and swamped by the prettiest debs in town. But Gary, himself, is keeping a level head through it all. When he returned from his African jaunt it was no secret in Hollywood that his screen future was a little in doubt.Then, without much effort on his part, Hollywood became Cooper-conscious. He brought home Toluca-Tallulah, the world's cutest baby chimpanzee. In any other star this would have been a gesture for publicity, but in Gary's case it was simply that he liked the little chimp and was good-natured enough to pose for some photographs with her. Somehow or other Cooper pictures began to appear in all the newspapers and magazines. Hollywood had welcomed him with open arms and the rest of the world trailed along.

Gary Cooper, of the society Coopers, entertains a royal lady in Hollywood. The Princess of Kapurthala, India, dropped in on him while he was making scenes for "A Farewell to Arms."


Gary went his own quiet way but an executive of his film company was heard to say that Gary loomed once again as the greatest male bet in pictures. Big things were planned for him, and if "Farewell to Arms" is anything like the success it should be, Cooper will be shoving Gable for first place among the male movie menaces.

The Countess? Why, she and Gary are just good friends. It's our personal opinion that Gary will be a permanent member of Hollywood's Bachelor Club.

Gary's stock is high now. He's the newest rave! Shop-girls, stenographers, screen stars, society girls, and you, and you, and grandma, have all gone Gary!

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