Coop as Stretch Willoughby

Mary Smith (Merle Oberon), daughter of Presidential hopeful Horace Smith (Henry Kolker), has always endeavored to further her father's political goals, living a cloistered life free of any scandal.

Feeling sorry for her, Mary's free-spirited Uncle Hannibal (Harry Davenport) takes her dancing at a nightclub and the police raid it for gambling. When the press begins sniffing around, the nervous Horace packs Mary off to his secluded Palm Beach, Florida, mansion.

Palm Beach out of season is a place of deadly boredom. Mary pleads with her two housemaids (Patsy Kelly, Mabel Todd) to go along with them on a blind date with some cowboys from a visiting rodeo.

The two maids reluctantly agree. They feel the inexperienced Mary is in sore need of some advice, and coach her on their system of maneuvers - three easy steps on how to get a man interested: 1. Get him talking about himself.  2. Flattery, lots of flattery. 3. Play on his sympathy with a hard-luck story.

The three women meet up with their dates and pair off. Mary may be a novice but she has a good eye - her choice is the tall and lanky Stretch Willoughby (Cooper).

The three couples continue their evening back at the beachfront mansion. Aware that Stretch is suspicious of high society rich folk, Mary poses as a lady's maid whose "boss" is out of town. But try as she might, Mary's attempts at following steps 1 and 2 of the "system" fail with the wary Stretch. Determined, she proceeds to "the hard-luck story", embellishing quite a tale of a drunken father and four younger sisters - with the noble Mary their sole support.... When she adds a tear or two to her story of "suffering", Stretch finally capitulates and the evening ends with a kiss in the moonlight.


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