Upon Mary's arrival, she finds that her father is soon to descend upon the Palm Beach estate with all his committee members, plus a Congressman who holds the Presidential nomination in his power.

When her sympathetic Uncle Hannibal arrives ahead of the entourage, Mary tearfully confides her secret marriage to him.

Horace Smith swoops in triumphantly full of plans for the following weeks, assuming that his ready-made hostess will comply with his every wish.

Feeling once again trapped, Mary blurts out that she is married to a cowboy and plans to join her new husband in Montana almost immediately.

But her courage is short-lived. When she sees how her news has appalled and crushed her father, she relents, agreeing to stay and dutifully perform until Horace has clinched the Presidential nomination.

Meanwhile, the boyishly enthusiastic Stretch anticipates Mary's arrival at his ranch.

He harasses his feisty housekeeper Ma Hawkins (Emma Dunn) and indulges in 'playing house' with an imaginary Mrs. Willoughby.

But then a telegram arrives saying that Mary will be delayed, and Stretch decides to go in search of her.


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