with Jean Arthur
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Longfellow is angry about the articles, but not even his press agent, Cornelius Cobb (Lionel Stander) can discover who is writing them.

Meanwhile, Babe Bennett is increasingly enchanted with the softspoken Longfellow. She begins to feel guilty and ashamed about her ridiculing "Cinderella Man" stories.

Unaware that "Mary" is behind the stories that are making a fool out of him, Deeds continues to see her. One evening, he tells her he is leaving, returning to Mandrake Falls. He feels he will be able to decide the best use for his inheritance if he is away from the vultures surrounding him in New York. He gives "Mary" a poem professing his love for her, blurts out she can answer him tomorrow and races away (knocking over trash cans for a whole block).

Babe goes to her boss and breaks down: she has fallen in love with Longfellow Deeds and cannot possibly continue writing stories about him. She vows to confess to Longfellow, bring him down gently, and then send him safely home, out of harm's way.