Cobb attempts to reason with Deeds


At the county hospital where Deeds is confined while awaiting trial, Cobb tries to get him to fight back. But Deeds has sunk so low he refuses to speak at all, much less defend himself.

Babe Bennett, failing to gain access to Deeds, falls upon Cobb, saying she has her newspaper behind Deeds now, can even get the best lawyer for his defense. Cobb scathingly tells her the damage she has done has gone too far - she has thrown 'the nicest guy ever to hit this town' to the wolves, and hurt him so badly he'll go down without a whimper.



The trial draws huge crowds - among them Babe and her editor, as well as many of the farmers whom Deeds had hoped to benefit. Cedar has a field day, calling witness after witness and twisting their stories until Longfellow indeed seems to be irresponsible, frivolous, and quite nuts.

Through it all Deeds appears to hardly pay attention, much less object, furthering the suspicion that he is mentally impaired.


In view of the damaging testimony and the absence of any defense, the magistrate begins to sentence Deeds to an institution - when Babe can no longer stand it. She makes an impassioned plea for Deeds, quickly followed by supporting proclamations from her editor and from Cornelius Cobb. Soon the farmers all join in, calling out to Deeds not to abandon them, and the courtroom becomes mass chaos.

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When order is restored, Deeds has made up his mind.