Unfortunately, Pete is unable to resist such a large sum, and makes a deal with an unsavory agent, Brighton (William Frawley). Pete plans to double-cross Yang and escape to America a rich man. But before Perrie can carry out his plan, O'Hara manages a daring escape from Yang and tracks the Perries to a hotel.

When Pete refuses to give up the money, O'Hara is forced to shoot him in self defense. But before O'Hara can persuade Judy to reveal where the money is hidden, Yang's men burst in and haul them, and Brighton, back aboard Yang's boat.

When Yang's attempts to extract information from his captives is unsuccessful, he plans to have them executed.


Judy Perrie's loyalties are fully with O'Hara now, and seeing her courage in standing up to the evil General changes O'Hara's opinion of her as well.

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Down below in the bowels of the boat, a drunken Brighton goes on a knife-wielding rampage. In the ensuing struggle with Yang's men, a suitcase is ripped and the hidden money pours out. As Brighton makes a dash for the deck, he manages to stab General Yang before being overpowered.

The mortally wounded General determines that his last act will be to see O'Hara and Judy die before him. O'Hara must do some fast talking. Playing on Yang's pride and his love of publicity, O'Hara convinces the General that only if he lets them go free will the world hear the true story. Otherwise, all will presume that Yang's men had betrayed their leader, killing him for money.

Proclaiming with his last breath that his soldiers are loyal literally to the death, Yang commands his men to form a double row facing one another. He sees them execute each other before dying himself.

O'Hara and Judy are free to go on together.

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