Cooper Filmography

The Winning of Barbara Worth (1926) Cooper's feature film debut. He plays Abe Lee,foreman on a ranch that belongs to Jefferson Worth (Charles Lane). His love for Worth's daughter Barbara (Vilma Banky) is threatened by the arrival of an engineer, Willard Holmes (Ronald Colman). When a dam on the property threatens to burst, Lee and Holmes are able to avert catastrophe, but Lee loses his life in the attempt. Silent. Directed by Henry King.   photo
It (1927) Cooper has only two scenes (as a reporter) in this Clara Bow vehicle
about a Jazz-Age baby who leads Antonio Moreno on a merry chase. Silent.
Directed by Clarence Badger.
Arizona Bound (1927) First starring role for Cooper. He's a cowboy who prevents a stage robbery, is almost lynched as a suspect, but winds up restoring the gold and winning the girl (Betty Jewell.) Silent. DIrected by John Waters.
Children of Divorce (1927) Marital merry-go-round amongst a trio of "modern youth" - Clara Bow, Esther Ralston, and Cooper. Silent. Directed by Frank Lloyd.
Wings (1927) First movie to win Best Picture Oscar. Cooper has bit part
as a doomed flyer. Story centers around boyhood pals (Charles 'Buddy' Rogers,
Richard Arlen), their rivalry over two women (Clara Bow, Jobyna Ralston),
and the tragedies they endure during WWI. Silent. Directed by William Wellman.
The Last Outlaw (1927) Programmer Western, with Cooper riding Flash, the Wonder Horse, romancing Betty Jewell, and bringing the bad guys to justice. Silent. Directed by Arthur Rosson.
Nevada (1927) Cooper's the title character, a ne'er-do-well who reforms
for the love of Hettie (Thelma Todd) and saves her ranch from cattle rustlers. Silent. Directed by John Waters.    photo
The Legion of the Condemned (1928) The title refers to a French flying squadron in WWI, whose members all seem to draw near-death assignments. Silent. Directed by William Wellman.  photo
Beau Sabreur (1928) Major Henri de Beaujolais (Cooper) has his hands full, battling Sheikh El Hamel (Noah Beery) for American authoress Mary Vanbrugh (Evelyn Brent.) Silent. Directed by John Waters. photo
The First Kiss (1928) Cooper as Chesapeake Bay fisherman who turns to pirating in order to be rich enough to marry society girl Anna (Fay Wray.) Silent. Directed by Rowland V. Lee. photo
Lilac Time (1928) The trials and tribulations of a Royal Air Corps flyer (Cooper) and a French farmgirl (Colleen Moore.) Silent. Directed by George Fitzmaurice.
Shopworn Angel (1928) Bittersweet romance with showgirl Daisy Heath (Nancy Carroll) finding a fresh new outlook on life when she befriends naive WWI doughboy (Cooper). Silent with sound segments. Directed by Richard Wallace. (Remade in 1938 with Margaret Sullavan and James Stewart.)
Doomsday (1928) A woman (Florence Vidor) marries her rich landlord (Lawrence Grant) instead of the young farmer she truly loves (Cooper)...not to worry - she discovers her mistake in time for a happy ending. Silent. Directed by Rowland V. Lee    photo
Half a Bride (1928) Unhappily married Patience (Esther Ralston) does not live up to her name when she is shipwrecked on an island with her yacht's handsome skipper (Cooper.) Silent. Directed by Gregory La Cava.
Wolf Song (1929) Cooper is fur trapper Sam Lash who kidnaps fiery Lola Salazar (Lupe Velez) when her father objects to their love for each other. Silent. Directed by Victor Fleming.
Betrayal (1929) Beautiful Swiss peasant girl (Esther Ralston) marries rich, middle-aged burgomeister (Emil Jannings). Former love André (Cooper) comes back into her life - result: trouble!  Cooper's final silent film. DIrected by Lewis Milestone.

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