Cooper Filmography

The Virginian (1929) Cooper's first sound film. He's the title character who romances Molly (Mary Brian), and tries to save his best pal Steve (Richard Arlen) from the evil Trampas (Walter Huston.) Directed by Victor Fleming. 
Seven Days' Leave (1930) Lonely Scottish widow (Beryl Mercer) "adopts" young Canadian officer (Cooper) during WWI, giving both of them the "family" they each need. Directed by Richard Wallace.
Only the Brave (1930) Cooper's a Union officer posing as Confederate spy, falls for Southern lass (Mary Brian.) Directed by Frank Tuttle. photo
Paramount on Parade (1930) A "Singing-Dancing Festival of the Stars," - featuring no less than 35 of Paramount's players. Cooper appears in a costume interlude filmed in early 3-strip Technicolor.
The Texan (1930) Cooper is swaggering bandit, The Llano Kid, who falls for Consuelo (Fay Wray) and goes straight. Directed by John Cromwell. photo
Man From Wyoming (1930) Romantic ups-and-downs of Captain Jim Baker (Cooper) and ambulance driver Pat (June Collyer) at the WWI front. Directed by Rowland V. Lee.    photo
The Spoilers (1930) Action in early 1900's Alaska - Cooper is mine-owner who tangles with saloon-girl Cherry (Betty Compson) and would-be claimjumper McNamara (William "Stage" Boyd). Directed by Edward Carewe. (remade in 1942 with John Wayne, Marlene Dietrich, and Randolph Scott.)
Morocco (1930) Cooper as devil-may-care Foreign Legion officer who won't do right by cabaret singer Amy Jolly (Marlene Dietrich - her first American film). Directed by Josef von Sternberg.
Fighting Caravans (1931) Cooper as caravan guide, battling Indians and romancing Felice (Lily Damita.) Directed by Otto Brower. (alternate title: Blazing Arrows.)
City Streets (1931) Racketeer's daughter (Sylvia Sydney) is protected by The Kid (Cooper) when mob activity gets out of hand. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. photo
I Take This Woman (1931) Spoiled rich girl (Carole Lombard) is 'exiled' to her father's ranch, marries cowhand (Cooper) on a whim, then falls for him - and of course, reforms her wild ways.
His Woman (1931) Freighter captain Cooper finds himself saddled with a foundling infant, enlists the help of Sally (Claudette Colbert) - who's actually in a little trouble with the law. After various misunderstandings, the two are ultimately brought together when they save the baby's life. Directed by Edward Sloman.

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