Cooper Filmography

The Westerner (1940) Cooper is Cole Hardin, a drifter caught in the middle of a battle between homesteaders and corrupt Judge Roy Bean (Walter Brennan in an Oscar-winning performance). Directed by William Wyler.   
Northwest Mounted Police (1940) Texas Ranger Dusty Rivers (Cooper) must enlist the help of Canadian Mounted Police to capture a prisoner. Madeleine Carroll, Paulette Goddard, and Robert Preston co-star in this lavish Cecil B. Demille production (the director's, and Cooper's, first in Technicolor.)
Meet John Doe (1941) Newspaperwoman Barbara Stanwyck cooks up a story for a publicity stunt and chooses Long John Willoughby (Cooper) to play the role of John Doe, hero to the common man. Typical (and typically well done) Frank Capra story of good-triumphs-over-corruption.
Sergeant York (1941) Cooper won his first Best Actor Academy Award for his portrayal of real-life WWI hero Alvin York - a softspoken country boy who must come to terms with conflict between his religious ideals and duty to his country. Directed by Howard Hawks.
Ball of Fire (1941) Delicious comedy with Cooper as one of eight professors whose quiet orderly lives are knocked for a loop by uninhibited showgirl Barbara Stanwyck. A real treat! Directed by Howard Hawks.
The Pride of the Yankees (1942) Poignant telling of the life and death of baseball great Lou Gehrig. Teresa Wright costars in excellent film. Directed by Sam Wood.
For Whom the Bell Tolls (1943) Beautiful to look at (both stars and scenery), but overlong and plodding story. Cooper is Robert Jordan, an American who joins a group of guerillas in the Spanish Civil War. Ingrid Bergman costars. Directed by Sam Wood.
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The Story of Dr. Wassell (1944) Cooper as the crusading title character fighting the Japanese and the elements in WWII China. Laraine Day costars. Directed by Cecil B. Demille.
Casanova Brown (1944) Cooper as well-meaning bumbler who marries Isabel (Teresa Wright) after a brief courtship. He manages to burn her parents' house down, to which Isabel naturally takes exception. The couple separates, but Isabel has their child - whom Casanova is determined to raise on his own. Some amusing moments. Directed by Sam Wood.
Saratoga Trunk (1945) Cooper's Clint Maroon, a Texas rogue whose rocky affair with scheming spitfire Clio Dulaine (Ingrid Bergman) sets off a lot of sparks. Sheer star-power carries a rather meandering script. Directed by Sam Wood.

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