Cooper Filmography

Along Came Jones (1945) Cooper does a parody of his strong silent type with enjoyable results. He's bumbling cowpoke Melody Jones, mistaken for vicious killer Monte Jarrad (Dan Duryea), continues the deception in order to help Monte's girl (Loretta Young.) Directed by Stuart Heisler.
Cloak and Dagger (1946) Taut, well done war-time espionage tale. Cooper's Alvah Jesper, mild-mannered physics professor drafted by the OSS (Office of Strategic Services - spies, in other words) to locate a distinguished scientist being held by Nazis in Italy. Costarring Robert Alda, and Lili Palmer in her first American film. Directed by Fritz Lang.
Unconquered (1947) Overblown but enjoyable Demille epic with Cooper as colonial frontiersman battling Indians, the British, and evil Howard da Silva, while repeatedly rescuing Paulette Goddard from all of the above.
Good Sam (1948) 30s-style comedy that doesn't always work, but has its amusing moments. Cooper's a do-gooder who can't say No to anyone in need - and it almost destroys his marriage. Ann Sheridan costars. Directed by Leo McCarey. photo
The Fountainhead (1948) Talky and grim, taken from the best-selling Ayn Rand novel. Cooper somewhat miscast as architect Howard Roark, willing to sacrifice anything for his ideals. Raymond Massey and Patricia Neal costar. Directed by King Vidor.
Task Force (1949) Cooper is seasoned Naval officer, stubbornly advocating the use of aircraft carriers. Outstanding color newsreel footage of WWII battles is a highlight. Jane Wyatt costars. Drected by Delmer Daves.
Bright Leaf (1950) Gritty tale of revenge and unrequited love. Cooper's Brant Royle, tenant farmer who makes a fortune with a cigarette-making machine. His money and power do not bring him happiness, however. He clashes with tobacco tycoon Donald Crisp, has a disastrous marriage to the tycoon's daughter (Patricia Neal), all the while blind to the woman who really loves him (Lauren Bacall). Directed by Michael Curtiz.
Dallas (1950) At the close of the Civil War, ex-Confederate officer Reb Hollister (Cooper) searches out the gang who plundered his plantation and murdered his family. Raymond Massey and Ruth Roman costar. Directed by Stuart Heisler.
You're in the Navy Now (1951) Cooper is Naval Reserve officer assigned command of an experimental steam turbine-powered patrol ship, fraught with problems and an inept crew. Originally released as U.S.S. Teakettle. Directed by Henry Hathaway.
It's a Big Country (1951) An eight-episode look at Americana. Cooper's segment has him as a Texan named Texas, delivering a sly monologue from horseback - all about the "modesty" of Texans and their sovereign state.

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