Love Letters Joseph Cotten and Jennifer Jones
"Love Letters" (1945) tells the story of soldier Allen Quinton (Cotten) writing letters for an army buddy, Roger Morland, to Victoria, a girl Allen has never met. What had begun as an indulgence turns disastrous. Upon his return to England Allen finds that Roger Morland is dead, killed by his new wife - Victoria - the woman to whom Allen had poured out his heart in love letters written in Roger's name.
Through a friend, Allen meets a young woman called Singleton (Jennifer Jones) and is immediately drawn to her. Singleton has lost her memory and lives only in the present; her unfettered innocence and serenity quell Allen's disillusionment and sense of loss, and the two fall in love. But Allen soon finds that Singleton's forgotten past holds a dark and traumatic secret, one in which Allen himself played an integral part. To confront Singleton with the truth could cause him to lose her forever.
A hopelessly (and deliciously) romantic film,"'Love Letters" somehow escapes being cloying, and under the direction of William Dieterle, Cotten and Jennifer Jones give sensitve and believeable portrayals as the troubled lovers.                             

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