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  Virginia City (1940) (v) Flynn plays Kerry Bradford, a fictional western adventurer who saves Northern gold from Southern raiders in this Civil War drama. Although Flynn was well-cast as a hero, Miriam Hopkins was as unlikely a choice as a dance hall Southern sympathizer as Humphrey Bogart was as a half-breed outlaw. photos
The Sea Hawk (1940) (v) Very likely the greatest sea adventure film of all time, and arguably the best of all of Flynn's movies. He plays Captain Geoffrey Thorpe, battling Spaniards in the name of Queen Elizabeth I (Flora Robson), and winning the love of a Spanish noblewoman (Brenda Marshall.) photos
Santa Fe Trail (1940) (v) Flynn portrays Cavalry Captain Jeb Stuart in this pre-Civil War epic centering around the exploits of anti-slaver John Brown (Raymond Massey). Olivia de Havilland and Ronald Reagan also co-star. photo
Dive Bomber (1941) (v) One of many war-time films to glorify the armed services, this film was given the big-budget Technicolor treatment. Flynn plays a flight surgeon dedicated to improving pilot safety. Alexis Smith, Fred MacMurray and Ralph Bellamy co-star.
Footsteps in the Dark (1941) (v) Uneven combination of comedy and mystery, this film has Flynn leading a double life as 'respectable' investment counselor who moonlights as a mystery novelist, causing no end of trouble with his understandably confused wife (Brenda Marshall.) photo
They Died with Their Boots On (1941) (v) One of Flynn's most memorable performances was as General George Armstrong Custer in this epic western adventure. Hollywood fictionalized a good deal of the colorful Custer's story, but it remains stirring entertainment. photos
Gentleman Jim (1942) (v) Flynn perfectly cast as boxer James J. Corbett, the 'dandy' who was heavyweight champion of the world in the early 1900s. Flynn was rarely, if ever, doubled in the meticulously re-created fight scenes; he had an excellent sparring partner out of the ring as well in co-star Alexis Smith. photos
Desperate Journey (1942) (v) Flynn is the commanding officer of a downed RAF plane - he and his intrepid crew are relentlessly pursued by evil Nazi Raymond Massey. Ronald Reagan also co-stars. photo
Edge of Darkness (1943) (v) Intriguing and well-done drama of Norwegian villagers fighting Nazi occupation. Flynn's co-stars include Ann Sheridan and Walter Huston. photos
Thank Your Lucky Stars (1943) A "cavalcade of stars to benefit Allied charities", with Flynn one of many Warner Bros stars making cameo appearances. His Cockney rendition of a song in a pub, "That's What You Jolly Well Get" is a parody that is quite entertaining.
Northern Pursuit (1943) (v) Flynn is a Canadian Mountie who must feign defection in order to stop a group of Nazi saboteurs from infiltrating Hudson Bay.
Uncertain Glory (1944) (v) The story of a convicted murderer (Flynn) who escapes execution during a WWII air raid, but is caught by a detective (Paul Lukas) and persuaded to redeem himself by giving his life for his country.
San Antonio (1945) (v) Flynn is a cattleman in 1977 Texas who brings down a syndicate of cattle thieves while romancing the lovely Alexis Smith.
Objective, Burma! (1945) (v) Flynn gives one of his most understated and yet best performances as leader of a paratroop unit on a dangerous mission to destroy a Japanese radar station in the jungles of Burma. One of the few movies about World War II that holds up today as more than just propaganda. Unable to serve because of heart and other physical problems, Flynn played down heroics to portray a more realistic military hero in the film, which he considered one of his favorites. photo
Never Say Goodbye (1946) (v) Light comedy with Flynn as womanizing artist trying to win back his estranged wife (Eleanor Parker), with the help of their precocious young daughter (Patti Brady.)
Escape Me Never (1947) (v) Underrated, offbeat film with Flynn playing likeable but irresponsible musician Sebastian Dubrok, who takes in a waif (Ida Lupino) and her baby to save them from starvation. But when Sebastian falls for his brother Caryl's (Gig Young) beautiful fianceé (Eleanor Parker), he must do some serious reforming before finally settling down with the woman who truly loves him. photos
Cry Wolf (1947) (v) Barbara Stanwyck co-stars in this melodramatic mystery about hidden family secrets - complete with creepy manison, sinister master (Flynn), suspicious servants, and things that go bump in the night.
Silver River (1948) (v) Flynn plays unscrupulous gambler, cashiered from the Union Army, who lets nothing stand in his way of becoming the undisputed silver mining mogul of the West. Ann Sheridan co-stars. photo
Adventures of Don Juan (1949) (v) If not quite in the same league as Flynn's films of a decade earlier, this final big-budget swashbuckler of his career is one of his most enjoyable. He plays the legendary lover with an effortless charm and engagingly wry humor; his Don Juan de Maraña is still lithe and dashing, but has become a bit world-weary. The Technicolor film gently spoofs Flynn's own reputation as a ladies' man, as well as presenting magnificent sets, a lush score by Max Steiner, and spectacular sword duels. photos
That Forsyte Woman (1949) (v) Based on the John Galsworthy trilogy, The Forsyte Saga. Flynn gives a strong (and uncharacteristic) performance as the stuffy, upper-middle-class Victorian who refuses to give up his rebellious wife (Greer Garson) to either Robert Young or Walter Pidgeon. photos
It's a Great Feeling (1949) Behind-the-scenes Hollywood musical in which many top Warner Bros. stars had cameo appearances. Doris Day plays a waitress picked by Dennis Morgan and Jack Carson for a starring role in their next movie; later, Doris is disenchanted with Hollywood and returns home to Wisconsin to marry her boyfriend - who turns out to be none other than Errol Flynn.  Yikes!
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