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  Montana (1950) (v) Flynn as Australian sheepherder battling cattle baroness Alexis Smith.
Kim (1950) (v) Flynn had his last great heroic role as Mahbub Ali, "the Red Beard," in this screen adaptation of Rudyard Kipling's classic novel, befriending young Dean Stockwell in the title role as British boy disguised as an Indian urchin. Under his turban, Flynn's handsome locks were trimmed to an unbecoming extreme crew-cut. As his health and career began to decline, he would never again be a convincing screen hero. Yet, the memories he left behind as Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Captain Geoffrey Thorpe and other heroic figures would never fade.
Rocky Mountain (1950) Flynn's last Western - he's a Confederate officer out West whose band of men saves a young woman (Patrice Wymore - soon to be Flynn's third wife) from an Indian attack.
Adventures of Captain Fabian (1951) Flynn plays a sea captain who saves a servant girl (Micheline Presle) from a murder charge and joins her in seeking revenge on the wealthy New Orleans family who defrauded his father.
Hello God (1951) Semi-documentary film with Flynn, as an "unknown soldier" who tells of the plight of four soldiers who were shot down in World War II.
Mara Maru (1952) Flynn is deep-sea diver who battles bad guy Raymond Burr and romances Ruth Roman while they search for a treasure of diamonds sunk in the China Sea.
Against All Flags (1952) Posing as a deserter, 18th-century British naval officer Flynn joins a lusty Maureen O'Hara and her band of pirates in order to sabotage their raids on English ships. Anthony Quinn co-stars.
The Master of Ballantrae (1953) (v) Flynn in the title role fights King George II's British in the name of the Stuarts, joins a band of smugglers, and battles his brother for their ancestral home. Based on the novel by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Crossed Swords (1953) Lackluster swashbuckler with Flynn foiling attempts at treason in an Italian dukedom. Gina Lollobrigida co-stars.
Let's Make Up (a.k.a. Lilacs in the Spring) (1955) World War II entertainer Anna Neagle has a double role in which she also plays her own mother, married to John Beaumont (Flynn), a song-and-dance man who left his wife and went on to fame and fortune in Hollywood talkies.
King's Rhapsody (1955) Flynn starred with his wife Patrice Wymore in this fantasy of a Ruritanian prince and princess.
The Warriors (a.k.a. The Dark Avenger) (1955) Flynn as Prince Edward of England battles the French and rescues his lady-love (Joanne Dru) from the clutches of Lord De Ville (Peter Finch).
Istanbul (1957) (v) American pilot and adventurer Flynn is deported for attempting to smuggle a valuable diamond necklace. Upon his return five years later, his continued efforts to lay hands on the diamonds are complicated by the fact that his wife (Cornell Borchers) has suffered amnesia and married another man.
The Big Boodle (1957) Flynn involved in an elaborate counterfeit currency plot in Havana, Cuba.
The Sun Also Rises (1957) By far Flynn's best performance in his later years. Taken from the Hemingway story of 'lost generation' expatriates, he plays Mike Campbell, alcoholic world-weary drifter who almost manages to conceal his sense of desolation behind a charming facade. Flynn steals the show from such impressive stars as Tyrone Power and Ava Gardner.
Too Much, Too Soon (1958) The sordid story of Diana Barrymore (Dorothy Malone), daughter of 'The Great Profile", actor John Barrymore (Flynn). Flynn eerily re-creates his old crony's self-destructive later years, in a role that unfortunately had many parallels to Flynn's own life.
The Roots of Heaven (1958) Saga of an expedition into French Equatorial Africa, with Flynn as a British deserter determined to preserve the African elephant. Impressive cast, including Trevor Howard and Orson Welles, and director (John Huston) cannot save this one.
Cuban Rebel Girls (1959) A sad film epitaph, this cheaply made film has Flynn as a correspondent on assignment in Cuba, running up against Castro's mercenaries.
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