Modern Screen magazine, March 1936

It was his next boat purchase that turned Flynn into an actor. He hired it out to a travelogue film company, and when they ran short of actors, Flynn did a bit before the cameras. He liked it, and decided that when he went back to civilization, he'd tackle the stage or screen. But first, he had something else he wanted to do - some pearl fishing. He made some money at it and got enough fun to be able to write a book about it. He's doing that now.
Right in the middle of his pearl-fishing, he got a cable from the film company he'd hired his boat out to. They said they could use him in Tahiti.
He sold his pearl business and went to Tahiti where he discovered he had a role in the British version of "Mutiny on the Bounty." This isn't to be confused with the American-made picture. It was an English quickie and it's never been shown in this country. "Thank the patron saints!" says Flynn.
He liked acting, and when the picture was done, he sailed for England. There he got some stage work, had a film test made, came to Hollywood -- and now here he is, playing one of the season's finest roles, "Captain Blood," and is married to Lili Damita.
He met up with Lili in the middle of the Atlantic ocean...!
You know how it is on shipboard, don't you? There was a moon, shining full and sensuous -- and there was Lili Damita -- young, alluring and vivacious. Lili superbly aloof, however, with that disdainful arrogance that is characteristic of her, giving not one of the shipboard Romeos a tumble. Not one, that is, until...
"It was her darned arrogance that made me hopping mad," Errol told me. "I'd worshipped her in Paris, though she didn't know I was alive. Then when I met her on shipboard, I thought it was my big chance. So I got her alone. And then that darned high-hat stuff. I tell you, I never wanted to see the stuck-up little so-and-so again, ever! And I told her so. She hated me just as cordially. We never got within ten yards of each other again the whole voyage."
Flynn and Lili Damita

Errol Flynn hated Lili Damita so much when he met her in mid-Atlantic, that he found he had to marry her to get her out of his thoughts!
And here they are, left, at a recent Hollywood party.
And Lili told me, afterward, "Yes, of a certainement, I hated thees fellow. So cocky, so stuck-up, thees young fellow what nobody even heard of before! He was unbearable. I nevair wanted to see heem again, evair!"
...and, so what? Well, so six months later these two eloped from Hollywood to Yuma, Arizona because they were in such a hurry to get married that they couldn't wait the three days California interposes between license and wedding.
That's the kind of a guy Flynn is. He takes a gal who hates him on sight and makes her marry him.                                      continue...

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