Flynn rescues deHavilland

When danger comes, the director wants a double.
But you have to lick the star's pride first - if you can!

by Sara Cowan, Screen Book magazine, March 1937

Errol Flynn in both "Captain Blood" and "Charge of the Light Brigade" faced possible injury during battle scenes. He went just as far as the studio would let him in fighting his own "battles" without benefit of doubles.
In the latter picture he made scenes of the charge that would daunt the hearts of most men. Flying spears, close-up physical action, charging horses, flashing blades -- these all combined to make every moment uncertain from a safety standpoint. But Errol wouldn't quit!
In one fighting scene Errol was dueling with Patrick Knowles. Their blades clashed, slipped sharply downard. The flat side of a blade struck Olivia de Havilland, knocked her off balance into a deep pool of water.
Errol did not wait to see if she could swim. Dropping his sword, he dived headlong after her, brought her out without further ado. Danger came and went -- and the stars shared in it, luckily without harm!

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