Movie Mirror, May 1936 Errol Flynn's Madcap Marriage

Lili Damita was insufferable. Of all the conceited, arrogant, impossible people, thought Errol Flynn, boiling with rage.

It had been bad enough when they had been introduced at a smart soiree in Paris. He had recognized her then for what she was, a spoiled, self-sufficient, beautiful movie queen. When she had said "How do you do?" to him he could actually feel the ice in the atmosphere.

They had avoided each other all evening after that, and their 'Good nights' were curt and final.

Oh, he'd heard stories about her. How she'd once been engaged to Louis Ferdinand, eldest son of the Crown Prince of Germany. How on another occasion she nearly accepted Carlos, heir to Alfonso of Spain. How Prince George of England risked parental wrath for a visit to the picture colony and Lili.

No wonder she was so spoiled! But still she needn't think that just because she mowed other men down like ninepins, he was going to fall for her movie airs!

Tonight was the limit, though. He hadn't ever expected to meet her again. But he did meet her on the boat which was taking him to Hollywood and fame. It was in the ship's ballroom that he saw her again, a devastating vision in a green gown that brought out the blonde loveliness of her hair. Not that he was at all impressed by the way she looked! But the music was enticing, and since he had to have someone to dance with, he asked her. Lili just looked him over from head to toe, then turned to powder her nose. "Come back in five minutes," she said offhandedly.


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