Errol Flynn's Madcap Marriage, pg. 2
Movie Mirror magazine, May 1936

Errol strode away, flushing a violent red at her arrogance. Under his breath he swore he'd never come back.
Lili was surprised when the handsome young man didn't show up again. Why, the thing practically amounted to a stand-up. Men never did things like that to Lili. It didn't occur to her that she had snubbed him outrageously. She was accustomed to treating men in that high-handed manner.
Her mind went back to their first meeting in Paris. Even then she'd been irritated by Errol Flynn. A highbrow with pretensions! She'd been thankful then that there were other eligible young men present so she wouldn't be stuck with his company. And she was thankful now that after all she hadn't danced with him.
She hoped she'd never see him again. If she ever did, she'd tell him exactly what she thought of him.

Her chance came unexpectedly in Hollywood when they met at Warner Brothers studio. They bowed distantly. It suddenly occurred to Lili that he was very attractive. Her chance for revenge could wait. She murmured something about leaving for Palm Springs, and would he call her when she arrived home. He smiled, but he didn't mean it. The sight of her brought back the memory of the humiliation he'd suffered when she snubbed him on the boat.
It was Lili who telephoned him eventually. Very patronizingly she wondered if they might dine together.
With steel suaveness Errol retorted, "You might try me again in five minutes." There was a stunned silence at the other end of the wire, then the way she slammed the receiver almost deafened him. He grinned widely for days.
And then he began to wonder what he was grinning at. He felt strangely lonely and lost in Hollywood.He was restless waiting for the promised break. Of course his restlessness had nothing to do with that arrogant Lili he'd met.

Of course not! Why, he didn't even like the girl! He positively hated her! Only it was strange how, in spite of the fact that he hated her, he couldn't help thinking of her, of her deep dark eyes like pools of light and shadow, of her lustrous hair and her soft, provocative lips.
Lili, for her part, was frightened. Errol was the first man she'd ever met who had snubbed her. It wouldn't have been so horrible if she hadn't made it quite clear to him that she found him attractive.
That invitation to dine with her had obviously been a mistake. No doubt, she thought bitterly, Errol was pursued by half the women in Hollywood, and he thought of her as just another girl. How she hated these men that the women all made a fuss about!
She made up her mind she wouldn't give him another chance to snub her. If she met him again, she'd be cool and oh, so distant.
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