Errol Flynn's Madcap Marriage, pg. 4
Movie Mirror magazine, May 1936

No ordinary suitor was Errol. Even the diamond he slipped on her finger has no ordinary history. Errol dug it out of the earth himself and he had been secretly carrying it, in its uncut brilliance, until the day when he'd want it to signify an engagement.
They went to Yuma, Arizona's Gretna Green, and were married by the justice of the peace there. They honeymooned at Palm Springs, and then hurried back to Hollywood so that Errol could make a test for the role in "Captain Blood" which has made him one of the most promising stars in Hollywood.
It seems almost as though fate plotted the pattern of their romance, for if they had met before, it would not have been propitious. It had to be in Hollywood, and at this special time. Had they met sooner, when Lili was the rave of sophisticated Parisiennes, the star of English and German films, their romance might have ended unhappily, for in those days she was the skyrocket and Errol would have been merely Mr. Damita.
Today all that is changed. Lili is definitely Mrs. Errol Flynn.

In their house atop Lookout Mountain in the steep Hollywood Hills, the Chinese fripperies Lili was accustomed to are gone. The homestead has a masculine air. The rooms are comfortable, fires crackle in open fireplaces, and it's not a tragedy to put a pipe down anywhere.
They talk about buying a place. Errol hankers for a ranch in the nearby San Fernando Valley. He always had a passion for pigs, he proclaims. The most poignant memory he has of earlier days is of that dawn when his boat went down in the sea and his pet pig went with it!
Though Lili is changing, it's doubtful, even to Errol, if she'll ever really revel in a quiet and simple life.

She relishes the metropolitan whirl of New York and Paris. Hollywood is too tranquil for Lili's tastes.
Yet they'll stay in Hollywood as long as it's necessary to give Errol a chance to make more pictures. Incidentally, he has no objection to Lili's continuing her own career if she wants to.
Errol and Lili have no spectacular theories on how to stay happily wed in Hollywood. They don't attempt to map the future, recognizing that as an impossible achievement.
Lili is doing her best to adapt herself to Errol's tastes. Errol is intensely active, and she hates exercise.

For ten days she tried to play tennis with him, and then decided to let him play with champion Frank Shields instead.

Errol has won her over, however, to his notion of quiet evenings. It's become an unusual event when the Flynns step out to a night club. An early movie is more to Errol's taste. When they invite several couples in for dinner, they relax after at poker.
Their first year of marriage has been a very happy one. For, most of all, these two love each other. Regardless of all intentions, including their very own!


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