Robin Hood Throws a Party
Modern Screen Feb 1938



Sheffield is the Flynn butler, bespectacled, grave, correct."A gift direct from P.G. Wodehouse to us," Errol murmurs as Sheffield's straight back vanishes into the house.
Arno gambols up and lays his gray head on Flynn's knee. Arno is the Schnauzer who once broke his leg on location. Flynn saved his life, by traveling three miles through the night to have the leg set. Involuntarily, your hand goes out to stroke him. His master beams.
"You like dogs? Come on over and see the lion pups." He leads you to a far corner of the garden, where two animals, for whom the term pup seems a misnomer, rise to greet you, forepaws on the wire netting, heads overtopping yours. Flynn introduces them. "Mr. and Mrs." He turns a bland eye on you.
"Oh, but you didn't come out to admire animals. You came for a story. Right." With the utmost good will, he takes you back to the terrace and gets you settled again. He gets himself settled. He drops his hands between his long legs and leans forward, a good child, completely at your disposal. Sheffield appears at the door. "Mr. Ernst calling."                  continue

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