Flynn vs. Flynn
Photoplay magazine, June 1946

Two things confront every human being. What the world thinks he should be and what he knows in his heart he is. In other words, the theoretical man versus the real guy.
Now, a lot of people have a fairly good idea of what they are but mighty few have the honesty to admit it in words.

Not so Errol Flynn!
Trust him to state it -- starkly. No hedging, no extenuations.
"Why whitewash myself?" he says -- and means it. "I don't believe in trying to fool anyone by attempting not to appear to be what I am." Such is his impatience with pretense of any kind.

Not the least ingratiating part of Flynn's debunking of Flynn is his ability to laugh at himself. Let someone try to keep up the polite fiction that Errol has never had any trouble with the opposite sex and he is liable to hoot derisively.
"The cook chased me with a carving knife when I was ten," he says. "A lovely lady -- but she didn't catch me."
Nevertheless, Errol admits that criticism used to bother him a little. That ended after he found out through bitter experience that there was no possible way of pleasing everybody anyway. So these days he lets the brickbats and bouquets fall where they may, and is equally unimpressed with both. The reason there are more brickbats is undoubtedly because Errol, to his own bewilderment, so often finds himself embroiled in exploits hardly calculated to draw the bouquets.


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