Errol Flynn: The Good Years

By Walter Oleksy
Others have written about the entire life of Errol Flynn,
the good years and the bad. This web tribute to Flynn
will focus just on the former, from "Captain Blood" in 1935
to "Kim," his last trulyheroic role in 1950.
I grew up watching Flynn on the screen
as Captain Blood, Robin Hood, Captain Thorpe,
the Earl of Essex, and General Custer,
and he was my number one movie hero.
The man and actor who aged and lost his vitality so rapidly
from dissipation was someone else. Not my hero.
I'm sure he'd rather be remembered for his good years,
and those films in which he gave us so much pleasure.
That's what you'll find here. Rather than write a standard biography, I am excerpting quotes by and about
Flynn from those who knew, worked with, or
interviewed him. They paint a complex portrait,
and no judgments will be drawn.
I hope you will like Errol Flynn after reading them,
and perhaps understand his complexities a little better
and appreciate him a little more.
To me, Errol Flynn, at least in his
good years, embodied the best in what we want
ourselves to be always: young, beautiful, fearless,
courageous, loving and loved.
That is the man and actor you will meet here.

Walter Oleksy is an author, collector, and movie fan extraordinaire.  
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