Those who knew or interviewed Flynn
offer these quotes about
the actor's personal life and career:

M.G. Hart, writer
Hart wrote the first fan magazine article about twenty-six-year-old Flynn after his success as "Captain Blood," in Silver Screen, January 1936:
"Are your hearts strong? Ready for the quick throb of a real thrill? Then give the summer 'crush' the out sign, girls, take a deep breath, hold everything, and prepare for the best. It's on its way, the next 'rave' - handsome, muscular manhood with as teasing a smile as any lad of blarney-land ever released.

His name is Errol Flynn, and even though the irresistible Lili Damita copped him for a husband, you can go pit-a-pat, too. He has looks that match (Clark) Gable's, the delicate romanticism of a (Leslie) Howard, and a personality individually all his own.

Beneath his humor is character built by experience, for he has the most dramatic background of any screen hero.
He resembles the athletic ads, massive of physique, but lithe and quick. This adventuring Apollo measures six feet, two inches. A friendly grin sometimes spoils the Greek god ensemble, but turns what might be a well-tanned statue into a human being.

"Flynn told me, 'I never worry about anything. Acting interests me - just now, anyhow - because it is a reproduction of life's drama. No matter how energetic one is, one can't go everywhere and do everything, except vicariously. That's why the movies appeal to me more than the stage, with their wide panorama of locales and dramas, their vivid action. I can't stand routine.'
"Then he added, 'However, I can see where it (movie acting) is going to be my toughest adventure. That's why it appeals to me.'
"Flynn had this image of himself as a newcomer in Hollywood: 'One can't get to know people well here; the social life is amusing but superficial. However, remember that I am just a savage, from the jungles (of New Guinea where he had sailed and worked as a government clerk)! Perhaps when I am tamed, I will jump through the social hoops, too.'
"I don't think so," Hart concluded. "Errol Flynn always will be an Irish lad challenging, enjoying, and evaluating life, and contributing his vibrant personality to new and exciting adventures."


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