Harry Lang, writer
Lang wrote in a feature article about Flynn in Modern Screen, March 1936:"
He's only twenty-six years old and into those twenty-six years, he's crammed more adventuring than you can find in the lives of any hundred ordinary menů
Still in his teens (age 18), he started out to sample what there was in life to make it tangy. In 1928, he went to Amsterdam as one of the British Olympic
boxing team. There he whaled the stuffing out of assorted lads of various nationalities.
Flynn found work as a British territorial policeman and in one altercation with natives, a head hunter sent a poisoned dart from his blowgun into one of Flynn's legs, leaving a nasty scar down the shin that bothered him everytime it rained.
Being a policeman palled on him, so he quit, bought a small schooner, and ran a sort of ferryboat service, carrying freight and passengers between the little islands on the South Pacific.

"The next thing he knew, he found himself over in New Guinea, where head hunters still eat human flesh and shoot poisoned darts into white people."
"That was swell until a hidden reef tore a hole in the bottom of his boat. Flynn swam ashore and tried to figure out how to pay for the boat. He didn't have any insurance on it.

"He'd heard there was gold in them thar New Guinea hills. Gold, he said to himself, will pay for the boat and maybe leave me a little to boot. So he collected a swarm of natives, as adventuresome and ne'er-do-well as himself, and trekked into the interior of the wild New Guinea country. He wanted gold. Did he find it? The answer is that he did. It took him two years of prospecting.

"With ten thousand dollars cash from the gold he found, he paid cash for the boat and gave himself a leisurely stay in Australia. When he went broke, he bought a dinky tub and sailed with a friend back to New Guinea. There he worked for a gold mining company, recruiting natives to work in the mines. Better not ask Flynn how he persuaded the natives to go to work. The details are a bit startling. When he got tired of that, he bought a boat again. It seems every time Flynn gets itchy soles, he buys a boat.

"Flynn then sailed into pearl-fishing adventures that led to Tahiti were he won a small role in "In the Wake of the Bounty," a British documentary about the after-years of the mutiny aboard the HMS Bounty and the adventures of Fletcher Christian, reputedly an ancestor of Flynn's. After filming, he sailed to England where he found work on the stage. That led to a film test and a free sea voyage to America, a contract with Warner Brothers, brief appearances in two minor films, and then the lead role as 'Captain Blood' and overnight Hollywood stardom."



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