Errol continued, "I think I can say, too, that I am uninterestingly without neuroses, inhibitions, or complexes. Even the best-selling inferiority complex is lacking in me. I'm not afraid of old age or death, much as I value youth and life. I'll deal with them when they come up, not before."

Then Flynn admitted a fault: "I have the trait, childish, no doubt, of wanting to do anything I'm told not to do."

"Life is not complete to me without a dog. (Throughout most of his life, Flynn had one or another dog, such as Arno, a Schnauser he often took to the set with him). I don't know just what this companionship of man and dog really means. I've never analyzed it. I just know that I'm miserable if I don't have my hound around. Maybe it's because he depends on me for all of his good times. Maybe it's because he so confidently expects that I will live up to his idea of me."

"My problem lies in reconciling my gross habits with
my net income."
Flynn believed the public was entitled to what he called "a good show," so he was willing to project an image as a rogue. Paradoxically, however, Flynn wished his private life could remain private. Mockingly, he once said, "For the life of me, I don't understand why a quiet, reserved person like myself should be involved in the news so much."

Shortly before his death, Flynn wrote: "Oh, I have seen enough and done enough and been places enough and livened my senses enough and dulled my senses enough and probed enough and laughed enough and wept more than most people would suspect."

Good night, sweet swashbuckler.

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