Modern Screen magazine 1939

HEN JOHN GARFIELD and his wife Robbie went to Dodge City, like the rest of the Warner guests, they rode around in an open carriage. On one of their rides they were suddenly surrounded by a crowd of fans, mostly men, who pointed to Robbie and screamed, "There's Hedy Lamarr!" Although the only resemblance Mrs. Garfield bears to Hedy is that both have black hair, she rose to the occasion and smilingly took her bows.
But the fans weren't satisfied. They crowded about the carriage, demanding autographs. So Robbie wrote away until her arm was tired and she pointed to her husband, crying, "Look! Don't you want his? He's John Garfield!"
Taking this cue, slightly mixed, the leading fan somewhat astounded the Garfields by shouting to his companions, "Hey fellahs! It's Jack Gilbert!"
And Mr. Garfield found himself besieged for the late Gilbert's signature.
He sweetly obliged.            continue>>