Site visitor Mervyn Graham contributes this sketch. He writes:

My dad, the artist.............. Mathew (Pool) Graham, Matt to his friends, was a giant of a man.  At 6ft 7in and 290 lbs. in weight, people knew when he walked in the room. Although a fine artist at an early age, he was never to pursue art as a career. He was a sailor, a truck driver and a transport manager, to mention just a few of his jobs.
I remember Dad sitting and drawing with pen and India ink for hours at a time.
The work he produced was nothing short of wonderful.

These drawings were carried out well before I was born and stored none too carefully in Mother's "sideboard."   Only when the drawings resurfaced was I able to bring them back to life for myself and the family.

I hope you enjoy the drawings as much as we all did as kids and I am again as an adult.

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