One Way Passage (1932)  69 min
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With: Kay Francis, Frank McHugh, Aline MacMahon, Warren Hymer
Powell as a convict on his way to the electric chair, Francis a playgirl dying from an incurable disease - the two have a poignant shipboard romance. OK, so it's a tad hokey, but still enjoyable.

Jewel Robbery (1932) 68 min view photo
With: Kay Francis, Henry Kolker, Alan Mowbray
Super-suave robber Powell completely captivates victim Francis, who, to quote one reviewer, is "smitten to the point of indiscretion"! Part mystery, part sophisticated comedy, all great Powell.

High Pressure (1932) 72 min view photo
With: Evelyn Brent, George Sidney, Frank McHugh, Guy Kibbee
The pace is definitely high-pressured - Powell is a promoter whose schemes keep getting wilder and more farfetched as he maneuvers around each successive disaster.

Private Detective 62 (1933)  67 min 
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With: Margaret Lindsay, Arthur Hohl

A melodrama with Powell as the title character, forced to investigate the woman he's fallen for (Lindsay). Later released under the racier title "Man Killer".

The Kennel Murder Case (1933)  73 min view photo
With: Mary Astor, Ralph Morgan
Powell is detective Philo Vance, investigating murder with the help of a Doberman Pinscher, no less.  The best of Powell's Vance films, directed by Michael Curtiz.

Double Harness (1933)  82 mins 
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With: Ann Harding, Henry Stephenson

"Mighty talky drawing-room stuff" one review called it, but Ann Harding and Powell are such accomplished sophisticates they pull off this story of a shaky marriage.

Lawyer Man (1933)  72 min view photos  1 ~ 2
With: Joan Blondell, Helen Vinson, Allen Jenkins, Claire Dodd
Ambitious lawyer-man Powell climbs to the top with the help of snappy Joan Blondell, but runs afoul of Claire Dodd and almost gets nailed for blackmail.

Fashions of 1934 (1934)  78 mins 
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With: Bette Davis, Frank McHugh

A story of designers stealing fashion ideas, or a Busby Berkeley musical?  It never really makes it, either way. Interesting to see Powell with Davis (even with that hairdo she's got!), but unfortunately there is a distinct lack of chemistry between these two greats.

The Key (1934)  73 mins
With: Edna Best, Colin Clive
Well-done story of an Army officer (Powell) whose romance with an old flame (Best) is rekindled - only she's now the wife of a British Intelligence agent (Clive). Woops.

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