with Betsy Drake Dancing in the Dark (1949)  92 min
With: Betsy Drake, Mark Stevens, Adolphe Menjou
Powell's a down-on-his-luck former movie star whose career is rejuvenated when he discovers a new star (Drake), who also just happens to be his long-lost daughter.

Treasure of Lost Canyon (1951)  82 min with Tommy Ivo
With: Tommy Ivo, Julia Adams, Rosemary DeCamp
Family fare with Powell taking in his orphaned nephew (Ivo) and the two embarking on a search for an underwater treasure chest.

with James WhitmoreIt's a Big Country(1951)  90 min
Episodic film with vignettes extolling America's variety. In Powell's segment he's an increasingly impatient captive audience of garrulous fellow train passenger James Whitmore.

The Girl Who Had Everything (1953) 69 mins with Elizabeth Taylor
With: Elizabeth Taylor, Fernando Lamas, Gig Young    view photo
Powell plays a criminal lawyer who's horrified when his reckless daughter (Taylor) takes up with nasty thug Lamas. (Remake of the 1931 "A Free Soul", which won Lionel Barrymore an Oscar in the lawyer role - and also catapulted Clark Gable to fame when he slapped Norma Shearer around.)

with Lauren Bacall How to Marry a Millionaire (1953)  95 min
With: Lauren Bacall, Marilyn Monroe, Betty Grable
Tale of three beauties out to capture rich husbands - Powell is initially Bacall's choice - he plays the gracious gentleman to perfection. No surprise there.

Mr. Roberts (1955)  94 min with bubbled-up Jack Lemmon, and Henry Fonda view photo
With: James Cagney, Henry Fonda, Jack Lemmon
Powell's final film has him as ship's venerable doctor, in fine support of earnest Fonda, psycho-Captain Cagney, and innovative (among other things) Lemmon.

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