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Double Wedding
Double Wedding is a wacky one.  Powell is superb as the free-living artist who shocks and infuriates the straight-laced and prim Loy. 

 Margit (Loy) has her life and that of her sister, and her sister's spineless fiancé, all planned out according to (her) schedule, when she runs up against Powell's Charlie. 

Charlie's the kind of guy who does exactly what he pleases.  (He lives in a trailer and gets his phone calls when the bartender across the parking lot shoots a bee-bee gun through the window and hits a gong next to Charlie's bed.)

Margit is enraged when her young sister begins to "go astray" with Charlie, but soon finds that he is one person she can't manipulate.

Powell and Loy

Charlie is intrigued by the cold and lovely Margit, and adopts heroic measures to instill some humor and flexibility in her.

One review at the time put it well:  "Defrostings of the stuffy are always good for comedy, but if this film is a hit it's because the stars make it seem fluid and effortless."     They do, and it is.

Gotta love that beard....

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