Evelyn Prentice
Evelyn Prentice was released in 1934, the same year as Powell and Loy's first two films together.  It too finds them involved in criminal proceedings, but in a much more somber mood.

Powell plays busy lawyer John Prentice who tends to neglect both his wife Evelyn and their small daughter.  When Evelyn suspects John of having a fling with his current client (Rosalind Russell in her first film), she takes up with a playboy.  The playboy turns out to be a blackmailer who unfortunately gets himself killed.   Evelyn is led to believe she was the one who killed him, although another woman is arrested on suspicion of doing the ghastly deed.  Things really get nasty for Loy's Evelyn  when Powell's John Prentice is appointed as the man to defend the murder suspect.

Evelyn Prentice doesn't have many light moments, but it is a well-done drama.  It is interesting
to see that Powell and Loy were not limited to comedy in order to enthrall audiences.

with Rosalind Russell

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