Shadow of the Thin Man was the fourth outing for Nick and Nora Charles.

As an entry in the series, it's a little weak but still enjoyable. 

We find our pair caught up in the shady side of horse racing.  A jockey is murdered, and in the quest to solve the mystery, Nick and Nora are thrown the usual red herrings and suspicious characters who turn out to be innocent.  All but one, of course.

(One of the highlights is in the familiar final showdown with all suspects present - Nora, who can't stand the suspense any longer, finally cries: "Nick! Who is it? Is it me??")

The plot may meander a bit, but Powell and Loy's comments and clowning are as entertaining as ever.

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Shadow of the Thin Man
the family group
Asta oversees Nick Jr. and the proud parents
"Thank goodness neither of us was driving," Nick quips as he's pulled over
by a traffic cop.

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Tribute to the Thin Man movies
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