Song of the Thin Man
The Charles with Asta  

Song of the Thin Man was the sixth and last outing for Nick and Nora Charles.  A bandleader on a gambling ship is murdered and once again Nick is talked into entering the investigation.  The suspects include a gambler, a musician who's in a mental hospital, an irate father, a musician's agent, and the ship's owner. Gloria Grahame appears as a nightclub singer, Keenan Wynn as a "hep cat" musician, and Jayne Meadows as a sincere young woman who's in over her head.

Times had changed in the thirteen years since The Thin Man, and the 30's-style frothy comedy was no longer in style.  The verve and snap that were the Charles' trademarks didn't lend itself to the dark post-war genre of movie-making.  Also, Powell at 55 and Loy at 42 seemed a bit too mature for a carefree caper through mayhem, mental illness, and murder.  In other words, it was time to pack it in, and thus, Song of the Thin Man  became the swan song for The Thin Man series.

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