Myrna Loy and William Powell
After the Thin Man
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After the Thin Man
(1936) has the distinction of being a sequel that even surpasses its predecessor. It takes up right where The Thin Man left off, with Nick and Nora Charles (and Asta) arriving home in San Francisco -- to find a slam-bang New Year's Eve party already in progress in their house.

Somewhat bemused but not daunted, they are next summoned by Nora's Aunt Katherine (Jessie Ralph) who wishes "Nich-o-las" to locate the erring husband of her niece Selma (Elissa Landi) without stirring up any nasty gossip.

It seems the husband, Robert (Alan Marshal) is a real rat, and is always disappearing on them -- and it's driving poor Selma over the edge.  A former beau of Selma's, David Graham, (James Stewart at the beginning of his movie career) is also on hand to assist, or so it seems.

In unraveling the mystery, Nick and Nora run up against a collection of shady characters, all who could be tangled in the web of blackmail and murder.

And as always, the Charles' affectionate sparring makes the film a joy to watch -- over and over again.

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"You're my favorite woman..."

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"Made any New Year's resolutions?"

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Asta steals a clue

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A forged check...

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"Why, Mrs. Charles...."

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