I Love You Again  
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Critics at the time said this movie was mighty farfetched, but did it matter? No! It gave everyone another opportunity to see Powell and Loy at their comedic best.

Powell's stuffy and prim Larry Wilson accidentally receives a conk on the head -- and wakes up someone entirely different.  Turns out he's really George Carey, a con-man and womanizer who lived by his wits, largely outside of the law. 
The "Larry Wilson" persona was actually George while suffering from amnesia for the past 10 years!  Ya follow?

Never one to miss an opportunity, George decides to continue as "Larry" when he finds out he's been quite a rich and successful businessman all those years -- he decides on a "take the money and run" plan.

It's not as easy as he thought, however; he discovers he's married to the beautiful Kay (Loy), and then finds that she's in the process of divorcing him!  Soon, getting his hands on any money begins to take less precedence, in the face of winning his "wife" back.

I Love You Again is extremely enjoyable from beginning to end, with some very funny vignettes (the deer-stalking scene, to name just one), and has the Powell/Loy duo at the height of their delicious form.

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Say it with eggs:  Loy expresses her opinion of Powell's reconciliation attempts.


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