Powell and Loy Love Crazy
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Released in 1941, Love Crazy is a screwball romp that Powell and Loy pull off with their usual aplomb. 

As Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ireland, the pair are about to celebrate their wedding anniversary in their accustomed manner -- only this year they decide to do everything backwards.  Even their dinner is to begin with dessert.   Their evening of connubial celebration is interrupted by a visit from The Mother-In-Law, played to perfection by the formidable Florence Bates.  And this is only the tip of the iceberg.

The rocky road to serenity continues with Steven Ireland meeting up with an old flame (Gail Patrick) and her "helpful" dog in an elevator that has a mind of its own, Susan Ireland taking up with amorous neighbor Jack Carson ("Ward Willoughby...the name is Ward Willoughby..."), divorce proceedings, mental hospitals, teapots and cockatoos and wristwatches, hide-and-seek with the cops, and...Powell in drag.

The luminous Loy is wonderful as always, and nobody can play a victim of out-of-control circumstances quite like William Powell.   This one's a real treat.

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