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The movie that launched one of the most popular film teams ever....
...smart gal...

Nick and Nora Charles' bantering is still fresh today in this first of their on-screen outings. William Powell and Myrna Loy gave audiences then and now a new look at married life on the silver screen -- the two are obviously crazy about each other, yet carry on a delicious repartee that keeps a sharp edge on their relationship.


a hug for Nick


The plot of The Thin Man becomes somewhat secondary to the delight we get in watching these two together -- it tells of Nick Charles, former detective, coerced into investigating the disappearance of a young woman's father.  Nick would rather just drink his martinis and live off his wife Nora's money, but at her urging and that of the police, he reluctantly re-enters the sleuthing game to find out what happened to the Thin Man.  (In subsequent films that name would apply to Nick himself, but it was originally in reference to the missing man.)  

video tribute to the Thin Man Series
Tribute to the Thin Man movies
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Nick & Nora

Illustrated AUDIO 1

"...the man at the aquarium said that he wouldn't take them back...."

Illustrated AUDIO 2
"He didn't come anywhere near my tabloids...."

Illustrated AUDIO 3
"You wouldn't be a widow long..."

more Thin Man photos:
Nick and Asta concerned for Nora
Typical Charles
Lobby card
Powell and Maureen O'Sullivan
A party

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