About Rex Harrison, cont'd.

The 1960s brought Rex a variety of other roles, both on stage and film.  He was smooth and menacing in 'Midnight Lace', although his co-star Doris Day apparently found the film such a strain she suffered a nervous breakdown during shooting. Rex noted later, "She credited me and my 'light sense of humour' for helping her keep her sanity while we shot the rest of the picture."

He was eager to play Caesar in the massive epic 'Cleopatra', and in doing so, received another Academy Award nomination.  The filming of 'Cleopatra' was so fraught with problems and went on for so long that Rex took to spending a lot of leisure time at his home in Italy, Portofino, returning to filming when he was needed.

Midnight Lace, with Doris Day (1960)

poster art for Cleopatra (1963)


Rex recalled 'The Yellow Rolls Royce' (1964) as "one of the most delightful" of all his films, but was not happy at all with 'The Agony and the Ecstasy' (1965), saying he agreed to do it "against my better judgement."

It was while working in the Chekhov play 'Platonov' (1960) that Rex met his fourth wife, actress Rachel Roberts. They were married in 1962, but the marriage was eventually troubled by Rachel's emotional problems compounded by her heavy drinking. The marriage would end in divorce in 1971.

with Rachel Roberts, 1964

Rex with his two sons, Carey (foreground) and Noel in 1968

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