by Fredda Dudley
Movies magazine
January, 1947

A PARTY of tourists at one of Beverly Hills' famous nighteries caught sight of Gene Tiemey being ushered to a booth reserved for celebrities.
One of the men gave a low whistle, and said,
"Gene Tiemey! Now there's a man's idea of glamour."
Observed his wife a bit tartly, "It's partly due to her gorgeous gown. If I could have individually designed clothes, as Gene has, I could be glamorous too."

Life would be simple indeed for us girls if glamour were only a question of well-designed clothes. Yes, it's true.
Gene takes full advantage of all that a smart wardrobe can provide. Justly awarded was the gold bracelet inscribed "To the best-dressed motion picture actress for 1945" which she re-ceived from a national fashion group.

But among many actresses there's a tendency to relax between pictures and—in sheer defiance of the rigid discipline necessary during picture-making— to go around looking like something left over from Bikini. Not so with Gene. Glamour is her business, and she feels that any public occasion requires her to be as stunning as her fans' most demanding ideas.

After finishing 20th's The Razor's Edge she had luncheon in the commissary one noon.

Elopements leave no time for wedding gowns so Gene Tierney didn't have one when she wed Oleg Cassini five years ago. But here's the gorgeous white lace number he designed for Razor's Edge.


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