Leave Heaven to Her

Mrs. Oleg Cassini, newly moved into a home in Beverly Hills, stood quite still in the middle of the floor and thought. Then she went to the chest of drawers in the bed-room, started with the top drawer and re-moved every item. Not there. She went to the second, third, fourth and fifth drawers.
No luck.
She thought, "And now what am I going
to do! I wish I knew Sherlock Holmes and
Dr. Watson in person—this is definitely a problem for Basil Rathbone!"
Countess Cassini, Oleg's mother, had— on an occasion shortly after Gene's marriage to Oleg—given Gene a Collection of pictures
of Oleg as a baby, as a bright-eyed youngster,
as an adolescent, and as a young man.
These photographs had been collected on
two huge mats and framed. They represented
two of Gene's dearest possessions.
And now, since moving day when the van
company had carefully taken down everything,
swathed them in protective coverings, and transported them, the pictures were no-where
to be found.
Countess Cassini, upon giving Gene the
irreplaceable mementoes, had said, "You are
so careful with items of value that I give you these with trust. I know they will be preserved with care because they mean so much to both of us."


Gene (now in "The Razor's Edge") made a bargain with Sid Grauman: She'd have her footprints immortalized in the court of his Chinese Theater (first time since the war), if he'd agree to have his prints made. And he did!

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