Two more of Tierney’s best-remembered roles followed: She was perfectly cast as the money-and-success obsessed socialite Isabel Bradley in the excellent 1946 filming of W. Somerset Maugham’s best-selling novel, “The Razor’s Edge.” She proved again she was one of the screen’s top actresses, and Tyrone Power also gave one of his best performances. Tierney and Power had appeared together in "Son of Fury" in 1942 and made one of the screen's most beautiful couples, but after "The Razor's Edge" they only appeared together in one more film, "That Wonderful Urge" in 1948.

In 1947, although her career would extend into the 1960s, she made her last important screen appearance in “The  Ghost and Mrs. Muir”. As Lucy Muir, a demure 19th century widow who buys a cottage along the British seacoast....



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