The cottage is haunted by the ghost of its former owner, an arrogant, salty-tongued ship captain (admirably played by Rex Harrison) and an other-worldly love ensues between them. Both perfectly cast, Tierney and Harrison gave luminous performances in what has remained a beloved fantasy romance.

As for her personal life, Tierney eloped to Las Vegas in 1941 with noted fashion designer Oleg Cassini, a Russian-born who became an American citizen. While he served as a cavalry instructor at an army camp in Kansas during World War II, she lived in a nearby town to be close to him. Perhaps his best-known design was the white lace wedding gown Gene wore in “The Razor’s Edge.”
In 1943 their daughter Daria was born. Tragically, the child was mentally retarded as a result of measles Gene contracted while on a U.S.O. tour of army camps. A woman fan with the disease innocently hugged Tierney, thus passing it on to her.


as Lucy Muir


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