Gene Tierney
Hollywood's Mona Lisa

Beautiful, yes. Enigmatic, yes. Never to be forgotten, yes.
Gene Tierney first caught movie fans’ attention with her natural beauty
in “Tobacco Road” when she was twenty-one years old in 1941, then for playing exotics in movies such as “Shanghai Gesture,” “Son of Fury,” and “China Girl.” Because of her high cheekbones and eyes that make-up artists could look slanty, early in her career she was typecast as an Oriental, as Myrna Loy had been in many of her early films. But also like that equally beautiful and very talented actress, after a few years Tierney broke free of the  exotic Asian stereotype and held our  attention as "Laura," then in "Leave
 Her to Heaven," "The Razor’s Edge,"
 and "The Ghost and Mrs. Muir."


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