Louise TreadwellIn 1923, Tracy joined a stock company from White Plains, NY.  Among the players was a young actress named Louise Treadwell. She and Tracy worked together often, fell in love, and were married in September of that year.

The couple kept busy touring with different companies in many plays, sometimes playing the leads, sometimes as supporting players.  In June of 1924, Mrs. Tracy gave birth to a baby boy, whom they named John.  Several months later John was discovered to be deaf - news that shocked and saddened the Tracys. They were determined that young John would have a full and happy life despite his disability, and Louise began work on plans for what would eventually become the renowned John Tracy Clinic.  In 1932, daughter Susie was born to complete the family circle.

with daughter & son

Tracy's big professional break came with the 1930 play "The Last Mile", in which he played convict 'Killer' Mears. He was an overnight sensation. Film director John Ford saw Tracy's performance and convinced Fox Film Corporation to hire Tracy for Ford's film "Up the River".  Also in the cast was a young Humphrey Bogart - "Up the River" was the feature film debut for both these future superstars.


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