In 1942 the John Tracy Clinic was founded, the result of Louise Tracy's desire to help deaf children and their families. The Clinic trains teachers and provides services - free of charge - that can break the barrier of silence for children ages one to five years.  Spencer Tracy's commitment and support of the project ensured the success of the Clinic, which continues its work today.  (John Tracy Clinic)Katharine Hepburn

1942 also marked the release of "Woman of the Year", Tracy's first film with Katharine Hepburn.  The two would go on to make eight more films together, portraying equal partners in the film world's quintessential battle-of-the-sexes.  Although Tracy's Catholicism prevented him from seeking divorce, he and Louise separated, and Tracy and Katharine Hepburn would become partners off the screen as well as on. The relationship lasted until Tracy's death, and the mutual respect of all concerned prevented any scandalous exposure - a unique occurrence in an age when such arrangements could have caused censure, damaged reputations, and ruined careers.


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