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from New Movie magazine, January 1930


At the left: Gloria Swanson when she was a Cecil DeMille star.
Only a short time before this Mr. DeMille discovered Gloria in the Mack Sennett bathing girl squad. Here she appears in Mr. DeMille's considerably talked-about film of the day, "Something to Think About."


At the right: Norma Talmadge just after she had deserted old Vitagraph for Triangle-Fine Arts.  She did this Glimpse of Salome in Fine Arts' vivid picture, "Fifty Fifty."

Last month New Movie Magazine published a picture of Edith Storey in an old Vitagraph picture. The pictorial recollection of Miss Storey aroused so much interest among fans who remembered her excellent work in the old days of pictures, that we present another glimpse this month.   
At the left. Miss Storey as a mountain lass in one of those old-fashioned moonshiner dramas.



Maybe you remember Norma Shearer in the days before she was a Metro-Goldwyn star, long before her first hit with John Gilbert in "He Who Gets Slapped."   
The study at the right by Alfred Cheney Johnson was made before Miss Shearer went West to try her film luck.  She appeared in a picture or two for Paramount -- and then hit success at Metro-Goldwyn.

At the left, the oldest film memory presented here: Florence Lawrence and Harry Myers in a Lubin drama, "Vanity and Its Lure."  
Harry is still active in Hollywood, but Miss Lawrence, who now lives in California, retired from pictures some years ago.

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